Utmost integrity is one of our core values and is essential for the health of our business. In order to maintain the high standard of utmost integrity, each of our team members, vendors and customers need to feel comfortable reporting behavior and activity that does not live up to that standard both anonymously and without the fear of retribution. In order to simplify the process of reporting inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, ethical violations, sexual harassment, fraud, conflicts of interest, theft, violation of company policies and misuse of company property, we have partnered with Lighthouse to established a hotline and developed this website.

Please understand that the information provided by you may be the basis of an internal and/or external investigation into the issue you are reporting and your anonymity will be protected to the extent possible by law by Lighthouse. However, your identity may become known during the course of the investigation because of the information you have provided.  Reports are submitted by Lighthouse to a company designee for investigation according to our company policies.

Website: www.lighthouse-services.com/proco

Toll-Free Telephone:

  • English speaking USA and Canada: 866-860-0008
  • Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

E-mail: reports@lighthouse-services.com (must include company name with report)