Menger Excess Liability

London and European Insurance & Reinsurance Markets


Our firm has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with both the London and European Insurance & Reinsurance Markets. In fact, shortly after we began placing business through Lloyd's of London our firm was Tribunalized by the Committee at Lloyd's. Since that time, we have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Lloyd's and the European Market.

It was these relationships that allowed us to create Menger Underwriting Services, LLC, which offers excess liability limits to the General Aviation market. The issuing carrier for this business is Allianz Global Risk US. F Thomas (Tom) Bradshaw manages the underwriting of each risk as well as the reinsurance relationships.

The Menger facility is a unique program that can help to provide the additional liability coverage that you or your clients need to complete their aviation risk management program. To learn more about Menger, please visit


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