Market and Rate Outlook: Workers’ Compensation in the Home Care Industry.


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Odell Studner is a full-service insurance & risk management agency with a national specialization in Home Care. Our dedicated Home Care Practice Group understands the intricacies of the industry and the challenges our clients face. What makes us different? We treat your insurance as if it’s our money and our risk, and we give you the kind of advice we’d give our own family members. Our team provides our home care clients with unique high-level industry knowledge, service, and expertise so they can focus on growing their bottom line, while we protect their top-line revenue and insurance expenses.


Insurance is typically the second largest expense line for home care agencies, efficient practices, and a safe environment for staff and clients are your objectives, but risk management and insurance costs can present a challenge. 


Take Control of Your Insurance Expenses 

Odell Studner offers options to home care agencies to control risk and expenses, minimize operational expenses and provide optimum coverages at a competitive cost.  


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Our new Market and Rate Outlook eBook, Workers’ Compensation in the Home Care Industry, will help you take control of expenses and risk in the home care industry.  


Our report provides informative and actionable data, including: 


  • Home care industry workers’ compensation rates forecast 
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the insurance marketplace 
  • Understanding hard and soft market cycles 
  • Market factors that affect insurance costs 

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Outside of payroll, workers’ compensation is typically the second-largest expense line for home care agencies.

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2022 Workers’ Compensation Insights Report

Our unique and valuable tool tells you how you stack up against other firms in the industry based on workers’ compensation performance metrics and claim characteristics.
Data in this report includes:

    • 100 Data Sources
    • >$337m Incurred Losses
    • >$19b Payroll
    • 46 States

COVID’s Impact on Home Care Insurance – Exlusions & Coverage

Prior to the COVID outbreak, most insurance carriers did not have an exclusion for Communicable Disease on their policies. However, starting in 2021, it has become standard practice for many insurance carriers to include this type of exclusion not only for General Liability, but under Professional Liability coverage as well. For industries such as home care with front-line essential workers, this can have a significant impact on an agencies’ potential exposure to claims & lawsuits.

Enjoy this free webinar from HCAOA insurance insider, Gavin Studner from Odell Studner Group, to learn more about this exclusion and how your agency can better protect itself from a liability perspective.

Home Care Safety & Loss Control

COVID-19 has altered the home care Workers’ Compensation marketplace drastically for the foreseeable future. With insurance carriers in certain states required to automatically cover presumed Covid-19 related claims under Workers’ Compensation, carriers are scrambling on how to cover the cost and mitigate future claims. Therefore, the cost will ultimately be passed down to the home care agency, which will lead to higher Workers’ Compensation rates and gross margin decreases.


Enjoy this free webinar from HCAOA insurance insider, Gavin Studner from Odell Studner Group, to learn more about Covid’s impact on the insurance marketplace and what your agency can do to prepare for a future hardening marketplace.