Finding affordable group health insurance can be challenging. You’ve seen many options, but none seem to control costs or offer a long-term solution. 

The Solution: The NHPA Health Insurance Program, a comprehensive insurance plan alternative with solid benefits. This program offers:

  • Benefits and safety in numbers
  • Flexibility ranging from plan design, to the utilization of various PPO doctor networks for the benefit of you and your employees
  • Not restricted by state boundaries
  • Member’s claim portal
  • Programs in place to contain and manage your costs
  • National pharmacy program which can also be customized to your specific needs
  • Compliance with mandates

Additional Benefits

  • Dental Plans available to groups as small as two employees
  • Vision Plans
  • Group Life Insurance options
  • Disability Insurance offerings

Dental Solutions for NHPA Members

Dental Only
Monthly: NHPA12 = $6.95/month**
Annual: NHPA = $ 69.95 /year**

Wellness Complete
Monthly: NHPAWELL12 = $ 9.95 /month**
Annual: NHPAWELL = $ 99.95 /year **

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