Employee Benefits Membership Support

Keyser’s Employee Benefits Membership Support team provides you with an easy way to ensure that membership changes for the benefits your company offers are accurate and processed in a timely fashion.

What We Need From You

To help us help you as efficiently as possible, there are several essential pieces of information we need to process membership changes. When emailing our Membership Support team at membership@keyseragency.com, it is critical that you provide:

  • Group Name  Including department, location and other details depending on how your company’s policy is set up.
  • Group Number  Division, subgroup and class number must be included.
  • Full Social Security Numbers  For employees and all covered dependents.
  • First and Last Names  For employee and all covered dependents.
  • Date of Birth and Gender  For employee and all covered dependents.
  • Street Address, City, State and ZIP  For employee and all covered dependents, including dependent addresses that are different from the employee.
  • Employee Marital Status
  • Employee Telephone Number
  • Employee Email
  • Employee Salary
  • Employee Date of Hire or Termination  Depending on the type of change you’re requesting.
  • List of all coverages the employee should be enrolled in or those that should be discontinued
  • Effective Date of Benefits

To ensure the security of your employee’s personal information, we recommend that you send the requested information in a document attached to an email, rather than in the body of an email.


If you have any questions about the information you need to provide or how to provide it, please email membership@keyseragency.com, connect with a Keyser Client Advocate at 877.381.3570 or myadvocate@keyseragency.com, or connect with a member of your Keyser service team using the contact information you normally use.

Would you rather not deal with any of this? Keyser has a membership solution that can take care of it for you. Connect with a member of your Keyser Service Team to learn more about Employee Navigator today. 

Carrier Forms

As an alternative to emailing us the information above, you may fill out and return your carrier’s Enrollment and Change form. A few common carrier forms are linked here:

If you prefer to use this option, but don’t see your insurance carrier’s form listed here, click here to email membership services so we can secure a form for you.